Synopsis: Ever since Cath and her twin sister Wren had enrolled in university, Wren has been distancing herself from Cath. She wants to go out, meet new people and have fun while Cath mostly hides in her room and writes fanfiction. She feels safe in her writing where she controls every dialogue and every social situation. Sooner or later, however, Cath will have to come out of hiding and navigate both her social and family life as well as tackle college challenges. Cath faces new experiences, new people and first love even.

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The Tapestry. The Hound of Rowan


Synopsis: Max McDaniels’ life changes when he discovers a magical tapestry at the museum. Shortly after he is offered a scholarship at Rowan Academy, a school for Mystics. Max struggles with new school subjects as well as his own powers awakening. But Rowan is not as safe as assumed when strange creatures manage to breach its borders. Together with his roommate David Menlo, Max discovers that the demon Astaroth is rising again.

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Newcomers in my Book Family


My small personal library is growing stronger and more beautiful with each passing week. At the same time I am making good progress on my to-be-read-pile – although not so much progress can be seen with reviews. I am hoping to change that soon; it has been somewhat stressful at work. In the meantime, meet some books I bought over the last few weeks and admire my strength that it has only been three books! Anyhow, here they are, in no particular order.

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Book Covers

I have to admit, I am a person who judges a book by its cover. To me, first impressions count when I decide what I want to read next. Usually the publishing houses want to capture the content of the book on the cover to show the reader what kind of book they are in for. Sometimes the cover seems to belong to another book entirely and you are left wondering if it was done on purpose or if the people responsible did a sloppy job.

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Den Mund voll ungesagter Dinge

Den Mund voll ungesagter Dinge von Anne Freytag

Inhalt: Sophie wünscht sich nichts sehnlicher, als dass ihr Leben endlich einfacher wird. Dass sie mit ihrem Vater zu dessen Freundin und ihren beiden Söhnen nach München zieht, hilft der Situation auch nicht wirklich. Jungs gab es genug in ihrem Leben, doch leider immer die Falschen. Dann trifft Sophie das Nachbarsmädchen Alex und zum ersten Mal seit ihr bester Freund Lukas nach Frankreich gezogen ist, ist sie nicht mehr einsam.

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Ich schenk dir eine Geschichte

Vor etwa zwei Wochen trafen die Bücher der Schüleraktion ‘Ich schenk dir eine Geschichte’ bei uns in der Buchhandlung ein und natürlich musste ich mir sogleich ein Exemplar schnappen und lesen.

Worum geht es bei dieser Aktion?

Die ‘Stiftung Lesen’ und der ‘Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels’ organisieren alljährlich zum Welttag des Buches eine Aktion, die das Lesen fördern soll. In Deutschland können LehrerInnen der 4. und 5. Klassen Buchgutscheine anfordern und sie dann an ihre Schüler verteilen. Die Kinder können dann in den Buchhandlungen, die mitmachen, einen Gutschein gegen ein Buch tauschen.

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Books I Read so far in 2017

Ever since I took on a new job my motivation to read has sky-rocketed. I have more free-time and generally more energy to focus on things besides work. This book blog is a great motivator as well since I want to post as regularly as possible and share my thoughts about books! Plus, I have to take the bus for half an hour to get to work and half an hour to return which gives me plenty time to step through the magical door into yet another world.

These are the books I have read so far this year minus picture books because I read a ton of those at work during the lunch break. 🙂

I am actually really proud of this review to be honest. I won’t call it a statistic or a quota because then it would seem like I make it my job to read. No, I enjoy reading and if I read no book for an entire month then that is fine, too. Even though, I never pressure myself to read – reading slump may come and go – I find it lovely that I am such high spirits to read. I hope I let myself wander with as much determination and wanderlust through the book-world as I have so far this year! 🙂