Sternensammler Sammelband 01


Inhalt: Fynn ist nicht der fleißigste Schüler oder der pünktlichste. Meist möchte er eigentlich nur in Ruhe gelassen werden. Als seine Freundin unerwartet mit ihm Schluss macht, zieht Fynn sich an seinen Lieblingsort oben auf dem Hügel zurück, wo er im Gras liegt, raucht und in den Himmel starrt. Dort trifft er Niko, dem Sterne alles bedeuten.

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End-Of-Year Review 2017

Hello fellow bookdragons! 🙂

I know, I haven’t been productive the past month but December is usually the most intense and fun month when it comes to work. During the Christmas madness I always get reminded why I love my job so much. Picking the right books for the right person, talking about books, recommending books, seeing customers leave with piles of books.

As for me, I haven’t had much time for myself. I haven’t been reading much as my brain was unable to process much more after a long day of talking my head off. So I spent more time binge-watching a new show I discovered or drawing.

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Highly Illogical Behavior


Synopsis: Solomon Reed hasn’t left the house in three years after a major panic attack in front of the entire school. But he is happy, does his homework online and gets to spend his time doing what he loves. Lisa Praytor won’t have any of it and decides that it will be her to ‘heal’ him. Together with her boyfriend Clark she works hard to coax Solomon out of the house.

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