25 Bookish Facts About Me [Tag]

As a lover of lists and questionnaires that have to do with things I am passionate about – books – I have immediately known that this Book Tag would be something for me! I found this lovely Tag with Tintenelfe on Tintenhain, where I was redirected to Literaturaustausch who created this tag. I do hope, writing in English is okay, since I feel far more comfortable writing in English.


The first book that I read on my own was the First Reader ‘Karlotta findet einen Schatz’ by Anne Steinwart. Although it was too difficult for my level and it took me and my mum two weeks to complete it, it was clear for both of us that none other could replace it. It had been a gift from my godmother.


You put dog ears in a book, bend it until the spine breaks or creaks and put it down spine upwards, I will be in both emotional and physical pain.


I love to read while walking to work.


Old, yellow-paged, thumbed-through books have the same value to me as brand new books still wrapped in protective foil. You see that a book has been loved, it has been carried around in a bag to accompany the reader everywhere they went. It has more than just one tale to tell.


5 days a week, I work in a bookshop as a bookseller. I like to spend my free-time roaming other bookstores in town.


Reading outside is the best for me: either I am sitting in the shadow of a tree or snuggle into a forked branch, letting my legs dangle. And if a slow breeze rustles the leaves, the sun paints dancing dots of light on me and my book, then I feel like dreaming.


My blog I founded on World Book Day.


There is one shelf reserved for my absolute favourite Books. The rest is sorted into genres. Series will never be separated and while rainbows exist in my heart, they are not for my shelves.


I love to read books in their original language whenever possible. English, French, Italian, mostly. And German of course. Having been to a language school, I had loads of possibilities to read books in the respective languages. Being from South Tyrol surely didn’t hurt either.


I keep to children’s books and YA literature. For me, the atmosphere in normal novels is too harsh, too adult for me. In some way I have stayed a child. If I venture into the realm of the novels for adults it is for adventure books or gory thrillers.


I never read books based on true dramatic events. The further away from reality I can flee in a book, the better. In high school we had to read ‘Verkauft’ and I had nightmares for weeks. Now, after years, I can still remember the exact wording of some of the most terrifying scenes. Just keep them away from me.


I would love to write a children’s book one day. I do write – but the ideas are not to my liking yet. One day.


I adore Asterix and Donald Duck. There are no other graphic novels or comics that I read.


There are books I adore so much, although the movie adaptation exists, I refuse to even watch the trailer. A film based on my favourite books could never live up to my expectations. So why destroy the beautiful images inside my head? Tintenherz & Eragon are two examples.


When I am in bed, I don’t want to listen to music while reading. When I am out in public I crave music.


Sometimes, I can read on the bus. On those days I am a very very happy girl.


If I don’t like a book, I always give it time until I am half-through. When it has not captivated my by then, I abandon it. There are still so many books out there that I want to read, so I don’t have a problem with admitting of giving up on a book that fails to intrigue me.


I like to smell books. And sometimes I take them from the shelf and just look at them.


I couldn’t bear it to throw a book away. When I tidy out my shelves, I first ask my sisters, what they want to keep for themselves and the rest I take to Oxfam. It is some sort of charity organization where you can take your old clothes and book and they sell them but there will be no money for you.


When I was little, my family had this thing called ‘Reading Hour’ where we would all snuggle into the same bed with a book and simply read. The most relaxing and wonderful family activity ever.


I have problems concentrating on a story, when the font the book was printed in is weird and super ugly. If the font is not to my liking, the book will be at a natural disadvantage when it comes to being liked.


I do judge books by their covers. Sometimes I get over the cover and do read the book or at least I start reading but so far, only the series ‘Zauberkätzchen’ has managed to truly be completely different than the cover suggested.


Although I always intend to use bookmarks (and I do own really pretty ones), I always forget about them. I haven’t successfully used a bookmark that wasn’t a ribbon in years!


E-books I don’t like. At all. I read an entire e- book once so you can’t accuse me of never having tried. I need to hold the covers, feel the pages, smell the book.


I connect books with cats. For me, reading involves kittens. Either they sit on your book and refuse to be moved or they snuggle up against you, successfully trapping your arm so you have to hold the book with one hand and consequently let it fall on your face all the time. The elegance and arrogance of cats matches the magic and wanderlust of books.

Who wants to join our humble circle of book-admirers? No-goes and passions concerning books – we want to know them all! 


2 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me [Tag]

  1. Hallo, vielen Dank fürs Mitmachen, hab dich schon verlinkt ^^ Sehr spannend deine Facts und du liest auch gerne Bücher in ihrer Originalsprache #schmilz Lg


    • Es hat wirklich Spaß gemacht! 🙂
      Und mir kommt vor, ein Buch in der Originalsprache klingt doch gleich viel besser. Einiges wird nicht richtig übersetzt oder der Stil derjenigen Person, die übersetzt, passt gar nicht zum Stil des Autors. Solange ich die Sprache ausreichend verstehe und ich die Bücher nicht nochmal kaufen muss, lese ich im Original. English und Deutsch sind dabei die Sprachen, bei denen ich keinerlei Schwierigkeiten habe. Danach kommt Italienisch und dann Französisch.:)
      Ich freue mich auch immer riesig, wenn ich jemanden treffe, der auch Bücher im Original liest! 🙂



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