Harry Potter and the Cursed Child [Book Review]


So, now I have finally caught up with the hype and gone and read the newest Harry Potter everyone has been fangirling about for ages. Clearly the most discussed and best sold novelty of this year. The Guardian claims that ‘Cursed Child’ has also overtaken Fifty Shades of Grey as fastest-selling book.

I cannot guarantee that there will be no spoilers for you so read at your own risk! 🙂

Synopsis: Set 19 years after the events of the seventh and last book of the original Harry Potter series, the story follows Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy who become friends on their way to Hogwarts. The years drag by and safe from their friendship neither of the boys is able to enjoy their time at the Wizarding School. Albus, in particular fights to become his own person rather than living up to the expectations threatening to eat him up alive. When Albus overhears Amos Diggory, Cedric’s father, plead with Harry to help him get his son back and soon after follows the rumours of a time-turner still existing, he and Scorpius decide to take matters into their own hands …

What a dragon thinks: I will probably get lynched for saying this but I was not as hyped for the new book as most fans seemed to have been. As a child I have been a great lover of the novels and would read them more than just twice or thrice. To me it seemed somewhat silly that after all this time there would be yet another book coming out. That is also the reason why I had been indecisive about whether to buy the script but in the end curiosity won out.

However, when I started reading, I immediately liked Albus and Scorpius. Both of them have a hard time at school: Scorpius, because rumours about him simply won’t stop and Albus, well, it is not easy being Harry Potter’s son. Especially when you are not good at Quidditch, not good at school and not good at magic in general.

Scorpius and Albus realise that they are not particularly good at anything and still think they should be helping Amos and his niece Delphini Diggory to get Cedric back. To me it seemed Albus kind of wanted to spite his father who had refused to help Amos. Albus wants to show that he, too can do something.

The time-turner takes us back in time, into other dimensions, alternate universes, it shows what could have been and what never was. It teaches us what Doctor Who has shown us since 1963: DO NOT MEDDLE WITH TIME!

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked book or rather, the story it told. The Characters are likeable – I will go into detail in a minute – the plot was good and I really enjoyed reading the book. However, there are also some negative aspects I have to touch upon but those are simply to personal taste. I have never been a huge fan of plays, much less in printed form. I despised having to read scripts of famous plays at school and still bear the grudge as it appears. I need fantastic language and picture-invoking descriptions or a good balance between dialogue and description; dialogue alone is fine and well but in this form it’s more like the fire from a machine gun. Half of the time I had to go back and check who was actually speaking because to me a script is not as connected than a full text. But like I said: personal taste and I don’t like scripts. I believe I would have loved/adored the book had it been a plain text and a bit longer perhaps.

As to the characters. I liked the newly added characters, as well as most of the ones already belonging to the inventory. There were some nice twists and surprises and while I liked the children better than the adults, the mix was pretty nice. One could quite relate to Albus and Scorpius and both of them were really well written. The title of the book is very fitting, I think.

Draco had major character development and I am very happy about that. He evolved so much in the last two books and we actually see an almost entirely new Draco before us.

Harry: What did you want to do?
Draco: Quidditch. But I wasn’t good enough. Mainly I wanted to be happy.


The only one I had a problem with was Ron. He was the comic relief and had more movie-Ron traits than I would have liked. He didn’t understand what was going on half of the time or didn’t care?? Ron is goofy, yes but not to this degree, it was ridiculous! To me, this Ron was not as nearly as good as the Ron in the books has been.


To think that Voldemort would have a child was quite a shock and not a very pleasant one. I mean, sure, he can have children if he likes to, it just didn’t make much sense considering who the mother was. It is just too odd. Perhaps it was to show that Voldemort was only human too and could love, maybe? In my opinion this backfired – massively.

Favourite characters: Albus, Scorpius

Conclusion: A fitting book for a Sunday afternoon with a sturdy plot and loveable characters. Too short and script-y for my taste but still a good book. I enjoyed being back in the Wizarding World and travel to Hogwarts again, meet new characters and old friends. All in all, a lovely read.

Also, who has a problem with black Hermione can leave right about now. Thank you.

Details about the book:

  • Authors: J.K.Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne
  • Title: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
  • Publisher: Little, Brown
  • Pages: 343
  • Release Date: 31/07/16
  • ISBN: 978-0-7515-6535-5



2 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child [Book Review]

  1. Hoi Klaudia!

    Ma ich finds wirklich beeindruckend, dass du manche Rezensionen auch auf Englisch schreibst, wenn es zum Buch passt. Vor allem weil sich dein Englisch absolut authentisch und muttersprachenniveaumäßig anhört (soweit ich das halt beurteilen kann). Große Achtung auf jeden Fall, ich denke nicht, dass ich den Mut dazu hätte.

    Nun zu nobler Diskussion; Voldemort wusste ja nichts von seinem Kind, soweit ich mich entsinne, oder? Insofern…ein bisschen Sexy Times traut man dem Dunklen Lord aber wohl zu, oder? da passiert schonmal was, vor allem wenn er den Coitus Interruptus Zauberspruch vielleicht nicht so gut drauf hat. apart from that: was wenn er sich über die Zeugung bewusst war und mehr sowas wie einen Erben wollte? Das geht auch absolut ohne Liebe über die Bühne (pun intended) 🙂

    Liebste Grüße aus der schönsten Stadt der Welt 😛


    • Hi Misty!

      Danke! 🙂 Ich fühle mich eigentlich viel sicherer, wenn ich auf Englisch schreiben kann. Mein Deutsch kommt mir so holprig und lächerlich vor … Ich versuche deshalb, mehr englische Bücher zu rezensieren 😛 Aber nach der Leseexemplar-Flutwelle, die nach den Reisen der Vertreter kommt, ist das nicht leicht.

      Hmm, stimmt, stimmt. Ich muss mich nur immer daran erinnern, dass Buch-Voldemort so anders ist als Film-Voldemort. Da ist mir nämlich der ungewollte Gedanke gekommen, dass er keine Nase hat, aber dafür naja….
      Egal, ich finde deine Erben-Theorie toll, und Voldemort aka Tom Riddle ist auch nur ein Mensch und von daher sind Sexy-Times, wie du es so schön beschreibst, auch durchaus plausibel und normal. Ich hab einfach den Fehler gemacht und darüber nachgedacht -.-
      Viele liebe Grüße aus Nicht-ganz-so-toll-wie-deine-aber-dafür-näher-an-omas-gulasch-Stadt


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