Trouble Makes a Comeback [Review]


Content: In the five months Digby had been away, Zoe has been trying to lead a life without danger and excitement, which worked out rather decently. Between school, work and her boyfriend Austin she doesn’t have much time thinking about busting another drug cartel. Only, Philip Digby is back in town, still hunting down the kidnappers of his baby sister. Now he has a solid lead and he will need a partner in crime. You ready, Princeton?

There might be spoilers for the prequel ‘Trouble is a friend of mine’, so read at your own risk!

What a dragon thinks: I have been waiting for an entire year for this book to finally come out (and then missed the release date). Also, I really wanted to read it in English, even though the cover is awful in my opinion. But in the end no cover could stop me.

The story sets off with Digby arriving in the nick of time to save the day and immediately goes head to head with Austin, Zoe’s boyfriend. He continues to offend everyone and before we know it, we are back in Digby-World. Starting from page one the dry humour, sarcasm and cynicism accompanies us through this fast-paced crime catastrophe.

With nowhere to stay, Digby is invited to stay at Zoe’s which naturally, drives Austin nuts. I didn’t particularly like Austin; he is the clichΓ© quarterback character: too pushy, too dim and too undeserving of Princeton. There was too much triangle-love-story for me but it was thankfully sorted by the end of the book. All in all I was a bit overwhelmed by the love relationship dramas (plural, yes) in this novel. But I appreciate the way the characters deal with their drama: with a lot of dry humour and sarcasm instead of edgy brooding.

As for the crime-busting part I was not disappointed: Digby’s sherlockian way of investigating and generously ignoring and breaking the law went to an entire new level without being over the top. This time around we got to see even more of the real Digby underneath all those layers of wit and rudeness. Also, we have a car chase, more burning houses minus the explosion part, more drug cartels, a mafia-ish family and learn more about both Sally and her abduction. There is a good mix between recurring and entirely new characters.

The ending was a bit unsatisfactory for me because the story simply stopped but at the same time the reader is promised a thrilling third book. The final showdown.

Favourite characters: Digby, Princeton

Conclusion: Do you like dry humour? Sarcasm? Solving crimes? Setting houses on fire? Romance? Good. Then you are going to love this book!


  • Author: Stephanie Tromly
  • Title: Trouble Makes a Comeback
  • Date of publication: 01.12.2016
  • Publisher: Hot Key Books
  • Pages: 298
  • ISBN: 978-1-4714-0499-3



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