Handy Tote Bag for Books

It has happened before. I would put my book in my bag, not thinking that it would probably be the dirtiest place on earth. And it would get dirty, obviously. So I have started to wrap them in ordinary tote bags you usually use for grocery shopping. But that was not fancy enough for my taste! I am a quality reader, I need quality tote bags for my books! I knew we had them in the bookstore but I didn’t quite like the prints. So I snuck into our rival bookstore! 😉 Don’t tell on me!

At first I was a bit suspicious because the bags didn’t look like I could fit a hardcover book in them. So I awkwardly started taking bags and began stuffing different books in them to see whether they would fit. 🙂

And here we have the one I eventually settled for. I know, it is WHITE and thus not really dirt-repellent. In my defence, it was the cutest out there and I wanted the cutest tote bag! Also, the others didn’t have an owl that graciously looks at you. The lettering says: I LOVE BOOKS in German.

Carful with English hardcover books though! The tote bags are made for German books and now you might wonder, why that would be relevant. It is because German hardovers don’t surpass a certain size. Except maybe if it’s a limited edition. If you take a look, the English hardcover peeks out at the top whereas the German book is completely submerged.

Still, I love my new tote bag and am always carrying it with me now and my books are protected from the filth! 🙂

These bags are produced by Moses Verlag and if you want to take a look at other cute bags, you can do so here. They also have cool cotton book covers you can wrap your book in so nobody knows what you are reading. 🙂


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