Newcomers in my Book Family


My small personal library is growing stronger and more beautiful with each passing week. At the same time I am making good progress on my to-be-read-pile – although not so much progress can be seen with reviews. I am hoping to change that soon; it has been somewhat stressful at work. In the meantime, meet some books I bought over the last few weeks and admire my strength that it has only been three books! Anyhow, here they are, in no particular order.

The first book I got has been recommended to me by Misty of Friedhof der vergessenen Bücher and I actually listen to what she says when it comes to books.


This is also my current read and so far, I am in love with Cath, the main character. At first I was a bit sceptical because of the love story – not in the fic, the real-life one. But Misty convinced me and here I am really liking this book. Is it weird to say that I was exactly the same throughout middle and high school? Perhaps not as obsessed with just one fandom; but I was that girl. Let’s be real, I still am that girl…

On we go to the second book that now lives on my shelf. What intrigued me about this book was the really cool cover and the way it is indeed written like a file. 


After a quick once-over I can tell that there are profiles of several characters, transcripts of recorded dialogues and schematics of ships. It looks really creative and fun to read!

What do I know of this book? Not much. It takes place in space. Probably. There are fighter pilots. Let’s be honest, it reminded me of Star Wars and I am totally down for that. I recognise it is most likely going to be completely different but it has been some times since I read anything remotely sci-fi. I am looking forward to reading this!

No particular order was a lie, I left my most expensive and possibly most awesome acquisition to present last: 40055281-00-00DRAGON AGE, people! And Cassandra, ready to kill a man, on the cover! ❤ Ever since I got Dragon Age: Inquisition I have been obsessing over this game. The world is well-made, each character has a good arc – all of them sad and dramatic. But I am not here to review the game (just go and play it, seriously!).

This is the second volume that presents the world of Thedas and eventually I will also get my greedy hands on the first part but for now I am happy with the book that contains more about DA:I.


Family pic!

Inside you find descriptions of about every character, beast, demon and much much more. I sound like a toothpaste ad. There is a bit of concept art, recipes, history of Thedas, the abridged Chant of Light (still really long) and tales for children.

I shouldn’t dwell on it any longer or I’ll continue to rant about the game and Thedas for pages and pages.

These were the books that wanted to be bought so badly I had to take them home with me. However, there are still so many books out there that I pick up almost daily and think about buying them. Then I remember the lack of room and lack of money and decide to read them during my lunch break instead.

Competing hard to be bought:



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