Biblio – Takeaway

Today I have been to the mall to visit the cute takeaway library. Do you know those tiny libraries in phone booths and wheelbarrows where you can just leave your old books and take one or two that interest you? Even though I have been living in this town for almost a year now and actually been to this mall, I have only recently discovered this treasure! How is that even possible? I have no idea. Anyway, I would love to present to you the Biblio – Takeaway!


How does it work exactly?

There is actually no set of rules; you can sit and read and browse for as long as you like. Make yourself comfortable in the cushioned (really soft!) chairs and dive between the pages. The only rule you have to follow is that for each book you leave at the library for someone else to be picked up, you get to take only one. It is highly encouraged to be fair as to not spoil the fun for other readers.

What did I think of the reading nook?

The panorama picture of the library in the background is beautiful! It adds to the cosy atmosphere and if you sit with your back to the mall you can pretend to be surrounded by shelves and books. Of course it’s not like an actual library but I think the idea is awesome. I’ve seen people with teetering piles of books in front of them, thumbing through the pages, reading and enthusiastically packing books into their bags.


Which books can you expect to find at the Biblio – Takeaway?

Everything. Mostly novels, though. Very few YA or children’s books. They even had a small shelf for English books. I noticed that a lot of books were really old and looked as though they belonged in an antiquarian bookshop. It gave the library some sort of an old vibe which I liked. I found dictionaries, Harry Potter, classics, picture books, a medical compendium on anatomy and many other cool books.


Which books did I take to the library?

I felt a bit as though I had to bring an offering to the mighty library to be granted access to its riches. To be safe in case I found some lovely books I took three with me. Books that had either been on my TBR for at least five or six years or books that I wouldn’t read a second time.


Which books did I take home with me?

Even though I browsed for quite a bit I didn’t find so much that was up my street. I prefer YA and children’s books but the library has mostly adult novels. And I didn’t want to take something I wouldn’t read or just for the sake of taking a book. In the end I found a comic with a collection of short stories. The topic is what combines them: the perfect murder. I am looking forward to learn πŸ˜€


This has been my trip to the Biblio – Takeaway. I now know where to go if I have some old books I don’t want any more and where I can stock up on new ones. Or just sit and enjoy some pages of a good read.

Do you know other places like this? Have you ever been to such a library or would you like to go? Tell me about your experiences and opinions! πŸ™‚



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