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Hello fellow Bookdragons!

I know, I have been absent for a while but I have been on vacation in Rimini, an Italian town on the coast of the Adria. It’s a tourist hot-spot which means almost every inch of the beach is occupied by hardcore-sunbathers who spend the entire day roasting under the burning orb that is the sun. Usually I prefer endless beaches devoid of any sort of people to the hectic, typically Italian counterpart but I enjoyed it all the same. Swimming, reading under the umbrella, eating, chatting.

But of course a vacation is not a vacation if there are no books involved. 🙂

What was my vacation read?

I took two books with me, which is not so many for four days of just relaxing at the beach, but I decided to go with the theme and bring two of my four unread Italian books with me. Now, as South Tyrolian I studied Italian at school for 12 years but … let’s just say, I don’t live up to the expectations. 😀


So, we have ‘Serafina e il mantello nero’ (engl. ‘Serafina and the Black Cloak’) by Robert Beatty and ‘In viaggo nel tempo con il criceto’ (engl. ‘Time Travelling with a Hamster’) by Ross Wellford. Both have amazing covers which I think are the same ones as the English editions.

In the end I didn’t get so much reading done on the beach. For once, I HATE it when sand gets between the pages and I stopped bringing the book to the beach with me. Anakin ain’t got nothing on me when it comes to sand in my books. I have a children’s book I took to the beach with me 10 years ago, and to this day I am still removing grains from between the pages.

The other reason I didn’t read so much were the people around us. Me, communicating?? No, you got that all wrong. I meant watching people around us. Especially a group of elderly Italian ladies who were gossiping all day long. Perfect entertainment! No book could ever contain so much drama as what was happening before our eyes. Unfortunately, they all had a rather thick dialect so we couldn’t understand everything and had to fill in the rest with our own theories. It was hella fun. 😀

How did I end up with more books at the end of our vacation than I started it with?

I found a bookstore. Of course I did. On a Sunday. Bini (my girlfriend) and I were strolling through the old town of Rimini, looking at ancient palazzi, bridges and other architectural wonders when we saw it: La Feltrinelli. I would have taken pictures of both the store front as well as the inside but I didn’t know if that was allowed and I was too shy to ask. They had beautiful books in the window and knew I had to check out the shop.


Bini had already seen the stars in my eyes and offered we go inside if they were open. A brave thing to offer as she knew she would have to drag me out again. The books might have been in Italian but they were still books. I love books. ❤

They had a surprisingly big stock of comics and graphic novels as well as fantasy and YA. I didn’t know where to look first because Italian books often have different covers, usually more colourful or funkier. So many books I had never seen before or never seen with other covers! ❤


Of course a lot of books have the same covers as the original editions but since I have only ever been in German or Italian bookstores I wouldn’t know. The Italian Tolkien paperbacks, you know, the black ones, are much prettier than the original. They have the exact same cover, except for the very slight leathery look they gave them.

I spent a lot of time browsing the graphic novels because I have never seen such a big collection before. Obviously, they had DC and Marvel comics but also so many from publishers who specialize in comics. I even spotted Sarah Andersen’s books which I adore! Here is a small collection of the best comics I saw. Like I said, I didn’t take pictures because I am a shy idiot. 😀


Those Fairy Tales by Oscar Wilde had a BEAUTIFUL cover and I almost bought it before I saw the illustrations on the inside. They … were not so beautiful.

Bini had to tear me away from the shelves because we had to catch a bus back to the hotel. Reluctantly, I let her drag me away. In the end we left with two books.


I have wanted ‘Storie di buona notte per bambine ribelle’ ever since I saw it advertised on the Internet. Since the original language IS Italian and I speak it I thought, why not? It is such a beautiful book with so many amazing women, a lot of whom I have never even heard of and I love it! Bini bought it for me and picked this amazing copy of ‘Wizard of Oz’ for herself! <3<3

These were my bookish adventures and endeavours on my vacation. What books do you read on the beach or in the evening of your hiking tours? Do you carefully pick your vacation reads or do you just pick the first unread book on your shelf? 🙂

All pictures were taken at home in a safe sand-less environment and no books were harmed by its evil properties.


3 thoughts on “Books & Vacation

  1. Ich war ehrlich gesagt auch verwundert, dass du dich an einen solchen Touristen-Hotspot gewagt hast 😀 aber ein wenig Abwechslung im Urlaub machts 🙂 Ich bringe witzerweise auch am See nicht wirklich Lektüre weiter, selbst wenn meine Lektüre dort nicht von Sandkörnern bedroht wird. Ich werde nämlich auch von den Leuten abgelenkt, allerdings hatte ich neulich eine lästige Truppe Teenies neben mir, da möchte man eigentlich nicht zuhören 😦

    Ich denke du konntest deinen Urlaub in vollen Zügen genießen und welcome back to bookstore 😀

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  2. The Feltrinelli bookstores are indeed among the best-supplied stores here in Italy (and they have an equally well-furnished site for the acquisition of both physical and electronic books): I’m glad you had such a wonderful bookish experience in there! 🙂

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