About Fay

Welcome to my lair!

I am Fay Obsolete, book-devouring dragon and my hoard consists of books: high teetering piles of old volumes, mountains of well-thumbed paperbacks and endless floods of books that still desire to be read. With the help of steaming cups of hot chocolate occupying every free spot and cosy cushions this feat shall be mastered with ease.

21 winters have passed since I hatched and I grew up in an environment where books seemed to grow on trees and the very air I breathed seemed to consist of words and tales. Therefore, it was only natural that I would continue the family tradition and choose books as my object of desire. It was as clear as my scales that I shall hoard them! You may think, 21 winters is not old for a dragon and you are right; I am but a child.

Due to the difficulties a dragon faces in society I am forced to take on human form when I go to work. Yes, even dragons have to work if they want to increase their hoards. My profession, you ask? Why, a bookseller of course! Although I do not have a diploma yet, I still sell books.

Being a Book Dragon, as we are referred to so often, I have studied several languages to extend my possibilities when it comes to immersing myself in books in their original language. German, or more precisely, a German dialect is my mother tongue. You may address me in any of the following languages as well: English, Italian, French and (hopefully soon) Spanish.

But for now, enjoy your visit!