Nevernight [Review]


Never flinch. Never fear. Never forget.

Synopsis: When she was only 10 years old Mia Corvere watched her father hanged and her mother and baby brother imprisoned for life. She has worked hard to turn herself into a deadly weapon to enact revenge upon the murderers of her father. Mia has been accepted into the most deadly order of assassins, Itreya has to offer. Here she must both survive the tutelage of liars, murderers, thieves as well as hold her ground against her peers because only four acolytes will become full-fledged Blades of the Red Church.

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This Mortal Coil [Review]


Synopsis: Ever since Cat’s father, the world’s most genius gene coder, has been taken by the dominating genetic tech organization Cartaxus, she has been hiding and running. A virus has broken out and people have fled into city-sized bunkers while the rest are fighting for survival on the surface. Then Cole, a lone Cartaxus soldiers shows up, talking of a vaccine Lachlan has created before his lab had been blown up, killing him. It is up to them now to decrypt the vaccine and release it to the population.

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Gemina [Review]


Warning! Spoilers for ‘Illuminae’ [review]!

Synopsis: Hanna Donnelly – pampered daughter of the commander – is bored to death aboard Heimdall station. Nik Malikov – member of the House of Knives cartel – is pretty content in his current situation. After the Kerenza incident BeiTech wants to make sure Kady and the Hypatia don’t reach Heimdall. Hanna and Nik are blissfully unaware of the Hypatia’s situation and the assault team BeiTech has sent to take the station.

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Illuminae [Review]


Spoiler-free review!

Synopsis: 2575. When Kerenza IV is invaded by mega-corporation BeiTech, Kady and Ezra only just make it off planet. Battlecarrier Alexander has been damaged in the assault and is unable to properly defend itself or the fleet. And BeiTech ship Lincoln is on their heels to make sure no witnesses remain.ย On board the Hypatia Kady immediately begins hacking into the ship’s classified data to uncover the truth of the attack and what secrets Command is keeping.

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Skulduggery Pleasant. Resurrection [Review]


Skulduggery Pleasant is dead.

Valkyrie Cain is cool.

Omen Darkly is neither.

This cannot end well …

I was actually scared to start ‘Resurrection’ because so much time had passed since ‘The Dying of the Light’, both in the story but also in real life. But I knew I HAD to read it. To be honest, I didn’t even read the blurb, I just ordered it. I had no idea what it would be about, only that five years had passed and there was a new character called Omen Darkly.

Be warned, this will be a lengthy review as I have a LOT to say about this book! I’ll keep it spoiler-free, though so a friend of mine (looking at you, Barbara) won’t rip my head off. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Skulduggery Pleasant [Review]


Synopsis: Meet Skulduggery Pleasant, a gentleman detective who is also a brilliant mage and well, a skeleton. At the funeral of Stephanie Edgley’s late uncle, she meets the mysterious man for the first time but it is only after he saves her from a vicious attack, that she realises magic actually exists. For ever the magical community has made sure the ‘mortal’ citizens don’t know of their existence but their secrecy is at stake when a madman and old enemy of Skulduggery’s threatens to blow all their cover. And if it were not enough problems Mr. Pleasant has to deal with, Stephanie is demanding to be his new partner.

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