Glaskinder von Kristina Ohlsson

Inhalt: Billie mag das neue Haus in Åhus nicht, in das sie mit ihrer Mutter zieht. Die Familie, die vor ihnen im Haus gewohnt hat, scheint überstürzt ausgezogen zu sein und bald passieren unheimliche Dinge. Billie beginnt nachzuforschen und erhält bald tatkräftige Unterstützung vom Nachbarsjungen Aladdin. Gemeinsam decken sie Geheimnis um Geheimnis des alten Hauses auf …

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Skulduggery Pleasant. Resurrection


Skulduggery Pleasant is dead.

Valkyrie Cain is cool.

Omen Darkly is neither.

This cannot end well …

I was actually scared to start ‘Resurrection’ because so much time had passed since ‘The Dying of the Light’, both in the story but also in real life. But I knew I HAD to read it. To be honest, I didn’t even read the blurb, I just ordered it. I had no idea what it would be about, only that five years had passed and there was a new character called Omen Darkly.

Be warned, this will be a lengthy review as I have a LOT to say about this book! I’ll keep it spoiler-free, though so a friend of mine (looking at you, Barbara) won’t rip my head off. 😀

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Feet of Clay


Synopsis: Well, many things happen all at once all the time in Ankh-Morpork. The Patrician, Lord Vetinari was poisoned but lives. Three old men with no apparent connection to one another are murdered. Golems are behaving weirdly. Commander Sir Samuel Vimes of the City Guard takes on every case because crime cannot go unpunished and, honestly, there is nobody else.

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Revolutions of Terror [Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol. 1]


Collects Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1-5


Synopsis: The Doctor is back on planet Earth which means an invading alien life-form cannot be too far behind. After he was forced to leave Donna behind, the Doctor has been travelling alone. Fate and parasitic entities push wannabe artist Gabriella Gonzalez and the Doctor together. It is up to them to save the World.

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Der Fluch der falschen Frage


Inhalt: Lemony Snicket hat soeben seine Ausbildung zum Detektiv abgeschlossen und beginnt nun sein Praktikum unter Mentorin Theodora S. Markson, einer der schlechtesten Detektive, die die Welt gesehen hat. Eine Statue wurde in der ominösen Stadt Schwarz-aus-dem-Meer gestohlen. Je weiter Lemony Snicket in seinen Ermittlungen vordringt, desto mehr muss er sich eingestehen, dass er immer die falschen Fragen stellt.

‘Meine rätselhaften Lehrjahre’ ist eine vierteilige autobiographische Reihe, die uns in Lemony Snickets Kindheit mitnimmt. Oder führt uns der Autor an der Nase herum? Es wäre nicht das erste mal.

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The Tapestry. The Hound of Rowan


Synopsis: Max McDaniels’ life changes when he discovers a magical tapestry at the museum. Shortly after he is offered a scholarship at Rowan Academy, a school for Mystics. Max struggles with new school subjects as well as his own powers awakening. But Rowan is not as safe as assumed when strange creatures manage to breach its borders. Together with his roommate David Menlo, Max discovers that the demon Astaroth is rising again.

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