Föhnlage [Hörbuch Rezension]

Der Dezember war wahrlich nicht mein lesestärkster Monat in diesem Jahr. Ich habe zwei Bücher angefangen, die mir eine Arbeistskollegin geliehen hat – ‘Oma lässt grüßen und sagt es tut ihr Leid’ und ‘Fundbüro der Wünsche’ -, aber keines hat mich wirklich in seinen Bann gezogen. Aber auch das Weihnachtsgeschäft, der Trubel und der Stress haben mich davon abgehalten, zu einem Buch zu greifen.

Dafür hat mich meine Mutter meiner neuen Obsession vorgestellt: Kommissar Jennerwein-Krimis! Im für Reisen praktischen Hörbuchformat.


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Welcome to Night Vale. A novel [Audiobook Review]

Hello fellow bookdragons!

I am very proud to announce that I have just finished my first audiobook! My problem with those is that I tend to let my thoughts wander, consequently missing out on some major parts of the story, which in Night Vale is every single word. No seriously, if you drift off for just a second and then focus on the story again it will have moved on from why sugar is good for children to describe why ducks are not to be trusted and probably out to kill you.

Please be aware that if you have no knowledge whatsoever of the famous podcast ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ you might be very confused by this review. You might also not be. However, you can also enjoy the novel and then the podcast if empty confusion mingled with an unknown fear is your kind of thing. I don’t judge.


Synopsis: This story is about Diane Crayton, single mother and office worker (not the blood-covered type!). Her ever shape-shifting son Josh is all she really cares about, but lately there seems to be some miscommunication between the two. And when Evan – or was it Emmet? – from the office seemingly ceases to exist things get tricky. Even for Night Vale.

This story is also about Jackie Fierro, 19- year old owner of the Night Vale pawnshop. Life is good and well until a man in a tanned leather jacket holding a deer-skinned suitcase hands her a piece of paper.

KING CITY, the paper says.

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