Books & Vacation

Hello fellow Bookdragons!

I know, I have been absent for a while but I have been on vacation in Rimini, an Italian town on the coast of the Adria. It’s a tourist hot-spot which means almost every inch of the beach is occupied by hardcore-sunbathers who spend the entire day roasting under the burning orb that is the sun. Usually I prefer endless beaches devoid of any sort of people to the hectic, typically Italian counterpart but I enjoyed it all the same. Swimming, reading under the umbrella, eating, chatting.

But of course a vacation is not a vacation if there are no books involved. 🙂

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Biblio – Takeaway

Today I have been to the mall to visit the cute takeaway library. Do you know those tiny libraries in phone booths and wheelbarrows where you can just leave your old books and take one or two that interest you? Even though I have been living in this town for almost a year now and actually been to this mall, I have only recently discovered this treasure! How is that even possible? I have no idea. Anyway, I would love to present to you the Biblio – Takeaway!


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Herbst 2017 – Die neuen Bücher *-*

So langsam sind nun alle Verlagsvorschauen für Herbst bei uns in der Buchhandlung eingetrudelt und eigentlich sollte ich mich ja auf die Fachbücher konzentrieren, aber die sind meiner Meinung nach einfach nicht so spannend wie Kinder-und Jugendbücher. Deshalb sieht man mich auch öfter mit einer Vorschau, die gar nicht in meine Abteilung gehört, als mit einer, die ich mir eigentlich anschauen sollte. 😉

Beim Durchblättern oder genauer gesagt, analysieren der Vorschauen tauchen doch so manche Bücher auf, die man am liebsten sofort in Händen halten möchte. Ich habe deshalb diesen, wie ich ihn nenne, Novitätendonnerstag ins Leben gerufen, um im Juni und Juli immer Mitte der Woche 2-3 Bücher vorzustellen. Bunt gemischt von Bilderbuch bis hin zu Jugendbuch. Heute gibt’s natürlich schon die ersten Bücher! Viel Spaß und frohes Lesen! 🙂

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Newcomers in my Book Family


My small personal library is growing stronger and more beautiful with each passing week. At the same time I am making good progress on my to-be-read-pile – although not so much progress can be seen with reviews. I am hoping to change that soon; it has been somewhat stressful at work. In the meantime, meet some books I bought over the last few weeks and admire my strength that it has only been three books! Anyhow, here they are, in no particular order.

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Book Covers

I have to admit, I am a person who judges a book by its cover. To me, first impressions count when I decide what I want to read next. Usually the publishing houses want to capture the content of the book on the cover to show the reader what kind of book they are in for. Sometimes the cover seems to belong to another book entirely and you are left wondering if it was done on purpose or if the people responsible did a sloppy job.

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Books I Read so far in 2017

Ever since I took on a new job my motivation to read has sky-rocketed. I have more free-time and generally more energy to focus on things besides work. This book blog is a great motivator as well since I want to post as regularly as possible and share my thoughts about books! Plus, I have to take the bus for half an hour to get to work and half an hour to return which gives me plenty time to step through the magical door into yet another world.

These are the books I have read so far this year minus picture books because I read a ton of those at work during the lunch break. 🙂

I am actually really proud of this review to be honest. I won’t call it a statistic or a quota because then it would seem like I make it my job to read. No, I enjoy reading and if I read no book for an entire month then that is fine, too. Even though, I never pressure myself to read – reading slump may come and go – I find it lovely that I am such high spirits to read. I hope I let myself wander with as much determination and wanderlust through the book-world as I have so far this year! 🙂

Blog-Geburtstag 23.4.2017

Hallo liebe Buchwürmer und Leseratten!

Vor genau einem Jahr – pünktlich zum Welttag des Buches – habe ich diesen Blog ins Leben gerufen um meine Gedanken zu Geschichten, Figuren, neuen Welten und Zitaten zu ordnen und in Worte zu fassen. Meine Entscheidung, einen Buchblog zu gründen, habe ich vor allem meiner Freundin Misty Moonrider vom Friedhof der vergessenen Bücher zu verdanken. Ich war ziemlich beeindruckt von ihrem professionellem Auftreten und wusste: das will ich auch! Immer wieder einen Blick auf Mistys Blog werfend – um Beiträge zu bewundern und zu sehen, wie man es richtig macht – arbeitete ich mich immer weiter voran  und ehe ich mich versah, war schon ein Jahr um! Und jetzt darf ich die Kerze(n) auf dem Kuchen ausblasen. Oder lassen wir das doch Findus machen!


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