Nevernight [Review]


Never flinch. Never fear. Never forget.

Synopsis: When she was only 10 years old Mia Corvere watched her father hanged and her mother and baby brother imprisoned for life. She has worked hard to turn herself into a deadly weapon to enact revenge upon the murderers of her father. Mia has been accepted into the most deadly order of assassins, Itreya has to offer. Here she must both survive the tutelage of liars, murderers, thieves as well as hold her ground against her peers because only four acolytes will become full-fledged Blades of the Red Church.

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Terry Pratchett – Männer mit Waffen [LIVE.HÖR.SPIEL]

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Es geschah an einem winterlichen Nachmittag, als ich gerade aus der Reiseabteilung zurück in die Literatur hastete (schlenderte) und prompt von einem jungen Mann angesprochen wurde. Ob wir wohl Flyer auflegen? Worum ging es? Ein Terry Pratchett LIVE.HÖR.SPIEL.? Aber sicher, guter Mann! Und so kam es, dass ich an drei Abenden im Jänner im BRUX Freien Theater in Innsbruck saß und mir diese absolut empfehlenswerten Vorstellungen ansah.

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Der letzte Elf [reread]

Der letzte Elf von Silvana Mari

Inhalt: Yorsch ist noch ein Kind, als der letzte Elfenplatz durch eine Überschwemmung ausgelöscht wird. Er ist der einzige Überlebende. Tagelang irrt er durch die Sümpfe, bis sich die Menschen Sarja und Monser seiner annehmen. Lebensgefährlich, denn Elfen werden seit jeher verfolgt. Doch es gibt Hoffnung: eine alte Prophezeihung besagt, dass sobald sich der letzte Elf und der letzte Drache finden, die Welt vom endlosen Regen gerettet werden kann.

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Skulduggery Pleasant. Resurrection [Review]


Skulduggery Pleasant is dead.

Valkyrie Cain is cool.

Omen Darkly is neither.

This cannot end well …

I was actually scared to start ‘Resurrection’ because so much time had passed since ‘The Dying of the Light’, both in the story but also in real life. But I knew I HAD to read it. To be honest, I didn’t even read the blurb, I just ordered it. I had no idea what it would be about, only that five years had passed and there was a new character called Omen Darkly.

Be warned, this will be a lengthy review as I have a LOT to say about this book! I’ll keep it spoiler-free, though so a friend of mine (looking at you, Barbara) won’t rip my head off. 😀

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Feet of Clay [Review]


Synopsis: Well, many things happen all at once all the time in Ankh-Morpork. The Patrician, Lord Vetinari was poisoned but lives. Three old men with no apparent connection to one another are murdered. Golems are behaving weirdly. Commander Sir Samuel Vimes of the City Guard takes on every case because crime cannot go unpunished and, honestly, there is nobody else.

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The Tapestry. The Hound of Rowan [Review]


Synopsis: Max McDaniels’ life changes when he discovers a magical tapestry at the museum. Shortly after he is offered a scholarship at Rowan Academy, a school for Mystics. Max struggles with new school subjects as well as his own powers awakening. But Rowan is not as safe as assumed when strange creatures manage to breach its borders. Together with his roommate David Menlo, Max discovers that the demon Astaroth is rising again.

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