Winner of the CWA Ellis Peters Dagger for Historical Crime Fiction

Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize & the Orange Prize

Synopsis: Orphaned shortly after birth, Susan Trinder grows up amongst thieves and swindlers in 19th century London. During a stormy night the conman Gentleman makes Sue an offer she cannot refuse. She is to pretend to be a maid and befriend Lady Lilly Maud, heiress to a great fortune. Gentleman takes the place of Miss Maud’s teacher and will ask her hand in marriage so the money will be his.

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Synopsis: Ever since Cath and her twin sister Wren had enrolled in university, Wren has been distancing herself from Cath. She wants to go out, meet new people and have fun while Cath mostly hides in her room and writes fanfiction. She feels safe in her writing where she controls every dialogue and every social situation. Sooner or later, however, Cath will have to come out of hiding and navigate both her social and family life as well as tackle college challenges. Cath faces new experiences, new people and first love even.

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Die Buchspringer


Inhalt: Amy Lennox kann ihr Glück kaum fassen. Sie stammt aus einer Familie von Buchspringern, die seit Jahren zwischen die Seiten schlüpfen und in der Literatur nach dem Rechten sehen. Amy kommt genau richtig, denn ein Störenfried stellt die Buchwelt auf den Kopf: Gold verschwindet aus Ali Babas Schatzkammern, Alice verpasst das Kaninchen und Dorian Gray kommt sein Bildnis abhanden. Amy ist entschlossen, den Täter zu fassen. The game is afoot, Watson!

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Trouble Makes a Comeback


Content: In the five months Digby had been away, Zoe has been trying to lead a life without danger and excitement, which worked out rather decently. Between school, work and her boyfriend Austin she doesn’t have much time thinking about busting another drug cartel. Only, Philip Digby is back in town, still hunting down the kidnappers of his baby sister. Now he has a solid lead and he will need a partner in crime. You ready, Princeton?

There might be spoilers for the prequel ‘Trouble is a friend of mine’, so read at your own risk!

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Nur drei Worte


Inhalt: Simon und Blue tauschen seit Monaten Mails aus, ohne zu wissen, wer der jeweils andere ist. Nur eines ist klar: sie gehen an dieselbe Schule. Simon merkt, dass er sich Stück für Stück in Blue verliebt, doch der ist noch nicht bereit, sich mit Simon zu treffen. Und dann passiert, was passieren musste: Martin, ein Klassenkamerade von Simon entdeckt durch Zufall eine der Mails und plötzlich steht Simons Leben Kopf.

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