Newcomers In My Book Family

Hello fellow book dragons!

It’s been some time since I last posted anything on here. First I read some books for work – not all of which I liked and it put me off a bit. I usually read for my personal enjoyment, not because a book is considered a literary masterpiece. So after reading two (2) books I didn’t enjoy reading I took a short break because no book seemed to pique my interest. That is until my girlfriend went and read ‘The Hate U Give’. She said I absolutely had to read it.

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2018 Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge

Hello fellow bookdragons!

We all know it, we all fear to face it: the dreaded TBR pile that grows with new releases and every short trip into town where you evetually wind up in your favourite bookstore. Or you are a bookseller like me and the books just keep coming. Floods of new releases, advance reading copies you are supposed to at least glance over and every time you set to tidy up your section you find new cool books you’ve never seen before.

I always feel a bit guilty for leaving books unread on my shelves and I have decided that I will tackle this issue this year. This challenge by NovelKnight is perfect for me who doesn’t want to get competitive but would still like to slim down the pile of books that I haven’t read yet.

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Alte Geister ruhen unsanft [Buchpräsentation 17.10.2017]

Hallo ihr Bücherdrachen! 🙂

Lange haben Brezina-Fans auf dieses Buch und ein neues Abenteuer der Knickerbocker-Bande gewartet. Als Kind habe ich diese Bücher verschlungen, nur um dann mit Tom Turbo, Alle meine Monster und dem Tiger Team weiterzumachen. Nun hat Thomas Brezina die Knickerbocker-Bande erwachsen werden lassen. Alte Geister ruhen unsanft heißt das neue Buch und Lilo, Poppi, Dominik und Axel rutschen mal wieder in einen Fall.


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