Gemeinsam lesen #1

Hallo ihr Bücherdrachen!

Ich versuche mich auch mal an dieser tollen Aktion, die ich regelmäßig auf den Blogs herumschwirren sehe. Infos zur Aktion bei Schlunzenbücher.


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LGBTQA+ Bookstore in Vienna

Hello fellow bookdragons!

Yesterday I discovered the bookstore ‘Löwenherz’ (engl. Lionheart) in Vienna. I was accompanying a friend who was looking for a read for their book presentation at school. They mentioned having heard of a LGBTQA+ bookstore in Vienna and a bit of googling later we knew where we would be spending the afternoon.

At first we had some difficulty finding it but when we saw it we wondered how on earth we could have missed the numerous pride flags above the entrance. 😀


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Back to School [Blog Update]

Hello fellow bookdragons! 🙂

It is this time of the year. I actually thought I’d never have to go back to school but sometimes things don’t come as you have pictured them. As many of you know, I am currently doing an apprenticeship to become a bookseller. Even though I’ve already been working in bookshops for 4 years now and am a bookseller at heart I am missing the piece of paper that tells you: ‘Yay, you are now officially a bookseller! Congrats!’ And here I am.

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Books & Vacation

Hello fellow Bookdragons!

I know, I have been absent for a while but I have been on vacation in Rimini, an Italian town on the coast of the Adria. It’s a tourist hot-spot which means almost every inch of the beach is occupied by hardcore-sunbathers who spend the entire day roasting under the burning orb that is the sun. Usually I prefer endless beaches devoid of any sort of people to the hectic, typically Italian counterpart but I enjoyed it all the same. Swimming, reading under the umbrella, eating, chatting.

But of course a vacation is not a vacation if there are no books involved. 🙂

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Biblio – Takeaway

Today I have been to the mall to visit the cute takeaway library. Do you know those tiny libraries in phone booths and wheelbarrows where you can just leave your old books and take one or two that interest you? Even though I have been living in this town for almost a year now and actually been to this mall, I have only recently discovered this treasure! How is that even possible? I have no idea. Anyway, I would love to present to you the Biblio – Takeaway!


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Autoren-ABC – #fürmehrvernetzungimnetz

Ich habe diesen wunderbaren Tag/Post bei Buechereckenliebe gesehen, die ihn wiederum bei Ella Woodwater erspäht hat. Der originale Post stammt von Wortinseln. Mehr zum Tag erfährt ihr hier: Autoren-ABC Jeder, der mitmachen will, ist herzlich eingeladen, den Tag auch zu machen! Viel Spaß! 🙂

Autor werden…

wäre mein größter Traum: seine eigenen Welten und Figuren erschaffen, sie in eine Geschichte oder Abenteuer verwickeln. Bisher reicht es nur für Fanfiction, aber solange ich schreibe und es mir Spaß macht, denke ich, kann ich es irgendwann auch schaffen.

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