the long way to a small angry planet


Synopsis: Ashby Santoso, captain of the tunnelling ship Wayfarer would like to give his crew more than badly paid jobs. He accepts a high-profile project to build a hyperspace tunnel. Only, the way to the fringe system is long and dangerous.

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Warning! Spoilers for ‘Illuminae’ [review]!

Synopsis: Hanna Donnelly – pampered daughter of the commander – is bored to death aboard Heimdall station. Nik Malikov – member of the House of Knives cartel – is pretty content in his current situation. After the Kerenza incident BeiTech wants to make sure Kady and the Hypatia don’t reach Heimdall. Hanna and Nik are blissfully unaware of the Hypatia’s situation and the assault team BeiTech has sent to take the station.

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Spoiler-free review!

Synopsis: 2575. When Kerenza IV is invaded by mega-corporation BeiTech, Kady and Ezra only just make it off planet. Battlecarrier Alexander has been damaged in the assault and is unable to properly defend itself or the fleet. And BeiTech ship Lincoln is on their heels to make sure no witnesses remain. On board the Hypatia Kady immediately begins hacking into the ship’s classified data to uncover the truth of the attack and what secrets Command is keeping.

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The Weeping Angels of Mons [Doctor Who. Tenth Doctor Vol. 2]


Collects Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #6-10

Synopsis: The Doctor takes his newest companion, Gabby Gonzalez to Paradise. Or at least he wanted to before the TARDIS decides to take a little detour and spits them out on the muddy battlefield that is World War I.  As if the trenches of the Western Front weren’t dangerous enough already, they discover that it’s not just humans that are taking lives. With the TARDIS lost during a bombardment the Doctor and Gabby face the Weeping Angels with a classic tactic: running.

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Revolutions of Terror [Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol. 1]


Collects Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1-5

Synopsis: The Doctor is back on planet Earth which means an invading alien life-form cannot be too far behind. After he was forced to leave Donna behind, the Doctor has been travelling alone. Fate and parasitic entities push wannabe artist Gabriella Gonzalez and the Doctor together. It is up to them to save the World.

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Masterminds. Im Auge der Macht


Inhalt: Serenity. 185 Einwohner. Eine Stadt, in der es keine Gewalt, keine Kriminalität und keine Lügen gibt. Die Schüler bringen die besten Noten in ganz New Mexico und jeder strebt nach oben. Eli und seine Freunde können sich eigentlich keinen idyllischeren Ort vorstellen, doch dann bricht Eli bei einem Ausflug außerhalb der Stadtgrenze unter Schmerzen zusammen. Kurz darauf muss sein bester Freund, Randy, zu seinen Großeltern und damit aus Serenity wegziehen. Er hinterlässt Eli eine Botschaft, in der er behauptet, mit Serenity stimme etwas ganz und gar nicht. Als Eli Nachforschungen anstellt, deckt er Dinge auf, die er lieber nicht gewusst hätte …

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