This Mortal Coil [Review]


Synopsis: Ever since Cat’s father, the world’s most genius gene coder, has been taken by the dominating genetic tech organization Cartaxus, she has been hiding and running. A virus has broken out and people have fled into city-sized bunkers while the rest are fighting for survival on the surface. Then Cole, a lone Cartaxus soldiers shows up, talking of a vaccine Lachlan has created before his lab had been blown up, killing him. It is up to them now to decrypt the vaccine and release it to the population.

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Terry Pratchett – Männer mit Waffen [LIVE.HÖR.SPIEL]

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Es geschah an einem winterlichen Nachmittag, als ich gerade aus der Reiseabteilung zurück in die Literatur hastete (schlenderte) und prompt von einem jungen Mann angesprochen wurde. Ob wir wohl Flyer auflegen? Worum ging es? Ein Terry Pratchett LIVE.HÖR.SPIEL.? Aber sicher, guter Mann! Und so kam es, dass ich an drei Abenden im Jänner im BRUX Freien Theater in Innsbruck saß und mir diese absolut empfehlenswerten Vorstellungen ansah.

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Highly Illogical Behavior [Review]

Synopsis: Solomon Reed hasn’t left the house in three years after a major panic attack in front of the entire school. But he is happy, does his homework online and gets to spend his time doing what he loves. Lisa Praytor won’t have any of it and decides that it will be her to ‘heal’ him. Together with her boyfriend Clark she works hard to coax Solomon out of the house.

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